Escrick & Deighton Village Hall
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Escrick Village Hall
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Welcome to the new website

of Escrick Village Hall, under

construction in Spring 2017.

If you would like to make an enquiry about booking the hall or our facilities, please click here

Built in 1975 and extended and renovated in 2009,

Escrick Village Hall is situated in the conservation area

in the heart of the village.

We are a charitable institution run as a non profit organisation by a voluntary management committee. The village hall is a key focal point for events within the village and essential in everyday village life. We host a wide range of community events, non profit making and fund raising for local and community beneficiaries, including Escrick Pre-school Playgroup, Deighton Parish Council, Hot Tap Dance School and the Monday Players drama group.  The Village Hall has Wi-Fi Broadband for the convenience of hall users.

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